Nobody Has The Right to Kill For Fun

July 29, 2015  •  2 Comments

So, #WalterPalmer - the rich, flawlessly toothed, all smiling, all caring, all American dentist, decided it was his God given right to maim, to torture, and to ultimately kill one of natures most majestic of beasts, a truly magnificent #Lion, all in the name of fun!  Yes indeed folks... believe it or not, all in the name of fun! Male Lion looking calm and friendly.Majestic male LionWho could possibly want to kill one of these, for fun!!!

You see, fun for this human-sub-species is the thrill of the mutilation, decapitation and skinning of a beautiful, majestic animal that he subjected immeasurable suffering to for a total 40 hours, before eventually killing it.

Fun for Walter Palmer and other sadistic hunters you see, is having the beast he so bravely and courageously slaughtered, skinned and beheaded - mounted on the wall above his opulent fireplace as a trophy for all his friends and family to see, whilst basking in their adulation of what a fine specimen of a man he must surely be.

Fun for him, is purely and simply... the kill! It is nothing more than the kill, and it is nothing less than the kill.  It provides him with a much needed self indulgent ego boost which I can only assume compensates him for his other human inadequacies.

Male LionMale LionMagnificent male Lion, South Africa safari The point her that I am making is; I'm afraid normal folk like us, Palmer, do not consider what you so sadistically enjoy, as fun! Believe me, this most certainly isn't normal, this really isn't what normal folk find fun, Mr Palmer.  It is a barbaric, sickening, and cowardly act.  It truly is selfish, self indulgent and immoral.

  • You say - you regret shooting the well-known animal: I say: it's my opinion that really... you only regret being caught, you cowardly imbecile!
  • You say - you thought you were on a legal hunt. I say:  Sure... sitting in a truck that has a dead animal carcass trailing behind it to lure the Lion out of its protected reserve area... sure, of course Mr Palmer you thought you were on a legal hunt. You absolute cretin!
  • You say - you insisted that your guides had secured 'all proper permits' for the hunt. I say: Sure, and the collar? Explain that Mr Palmer.
  • You say - that you deeply regret that your pursuit of an activity you love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.  I say: Wait... hang on a second.... what....? you openly admit that you LOVE maiming, torturing and killing innocent, beautiful beasts?  By the way... let me explain as your grammar needs correcting... it's not taking, it's killing.  You truly are a mad psycho pleb!

One of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen in the wildGlorious Male Lion in KrugerOne of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen in the wild According to the local media, your dental practice has temporarily closed and a note has been placed on the door which refers visitors to a Public Relations firm.  I'd like to point out that this PR firm has just taken on its toughest ever project. I forecast they will not succeed, I predict they will fail.  

You shot Cecil the Lion with a crossbow, injuring and maiming him causing insufferable pain and anguish. 40 God damn hours elapsed before your professional hunting group found him, when he was only then shot dead with a gun.  Totally biased hunting publications report elsewhere that you're apparently an ace shot with a Crossbow - Oh how very wrong are they!  You sick, moronic imbecile of a man... the poor Lion took 40 hours, YES 40 TORTUROUS HOURS to die, you sick moron!


You have enraged countless millions all across the globe. You will be the one responsible for the loss of your employees jobs, and the subsequent suffering of their families when your business justifiably closes.  You needlessly killed a beautiful animal.  I say to you Mr Walter 'Lion/Elk/Rhino-killer' Palmer, you should look back and reflect on the horrific, barbaric, and sadistic hobby "that you love", and sincerely, I hope to God that your children do not inherit your irreparably damaged genes such that they also turn out to be similar all-happy, all-content, all-American sadistic, barbaric animal mutilators and killers.

In the words of a lovely Twitter friend, Helen -  ... "To kill another creature, for what? To shoot it, to watch it fall to the ground and die... and to then feel proud."

There truly are not words... 


2.Paul Bloxsome(non-registered)
A well written piece John.
Sadly this (seemingly ex) dentist is one of an untold number who believe that maiming and killing innocent and endangered creatures is a fun and entirely valid vocation. For each time I'm seen the sickly image of him standing over Cecil the Lion, I've probably seen 100's of others - Cheetahs, Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Giraffes - the killing goes on and there will doubtless be more inadequate cretins mistaking wealth and a gun for bravery ...

Perhaps it's a dream or my imagination - but is this event different? The fact that Cecil was something of a celebrity and his killing has caused such worldwide outrage - reportedly the White House are considering extradition - is unprecedented.

Could it be that action will finally be taken? that these animals will be properly protected? that these crimes will be internationally recognised and jail terms will be dispensed? that these cretins will be educated that nature is better off without their intervention ... and perhaps the world in general is better off without them ....

We live not only in hope, but in a time where we can find a voice - social media has spread word of this crime and will continue to do so. Firstly, hopefully pressure on the White House will lead to charges and a prison term being laid down as an example to others ... and then? education? laws? better protection? measures to prevent poverty / skin trade?

Let's keep Cecil in the spotlight as a beacon for wildlife protection everywhere ... and let us win!

#cecilthelion #lion #illegalpoaching #skintrade #wildlifeprotection
Well written John. I do hope Mr Walter palmer gets to read this before he is hunted down.
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