Friendly Help or Pompous Arrogance: Unrequested Advice from Self-Proclaimed Experts

August 23, 2015
Warning: contentious blog post alert! I've a feeling I may be opening a can of worms here, all I ask is that if you are bored enough to read it, please read it in context...
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It's not chocolate, but it is the Milky Way!

August 09, 2015
I'm an outdoors sort of chap, and love all aspects of our countryside, nature and wildlife. I also enjoy taking on challenging photo 'projects', and for some time now I'v...
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Lightroom Smart Collections - a gem of a feature

July 31, 2015
I've been using Adobe Lightroom for many years and right from the get go, together with many photographers around the globe, I have found it to be a first class workflow,...
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Nobody Has The Right to Kill For Fun

July 29, 2015
So, #WalterPalmer - the rich, flawlessly toothed, all smiling, all caring, all American dentist, decided it was his God given right to maim, to torture, and to ultimately...
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DSA Family Fun Day

July 22, 2015
Fun at the Newport County Disables Supporters Association family fun day.
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